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Presto 3' 30". Sonata no. Allegro vivace 10' Sonata no. Allegro con brio 10' 30" Sonata no. Scherzo: Allegro 3' Sonata no. Rondo: Poco allegretto e grazioso 7' 30" Sonata no. Presto 7' Sonata no. Rondo: Allegro 4' Sonata no. Grave — Allegro di molto e con brio 9' 30" Sonata no. Allegro con brio 7' 30" Sonata no. Rondo: Allegretto 6' 30" Sonata no. Allegro 3' Sonata no. Andante — Allegro — Tempo I 5' Sonata no. Presto agitato 7' 30" Sonata no. Rondo: Allegro ma non troppo 5' Sonata no. Allegro vivace 6' 30" Sonata no. Adagio grazioso 11' Sonata no. Largo — Allegro 9' Sonata no.

Allegro 9' Sonata no. Presto con fuoco 4' 30" Sonata no.

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Mit Lebhaftigkeit und durchaus mit Empfindung und Ausdruck 5' 30" Sonata no. Nicht zu geschwind und sehr singbar vorgetragen 8' Sonata no. Etwas lebhaft, und mit der innigsten Empfindung 4' Sonata no. Vivace, ma non troppo — Adagio espressivo 4' Sonata no. Prestissimo 2' 30" Two Rondos, op. G major 9' Rondo a capriccio in G major, op. Andante con espressione 6' Sonata no. Andante: Andante espressivo 12' 30" Four Ballades, op. D minor 4' 30" Four Ballades, op. D major 6' 30" Four Ballades, op.

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‎Schubert: The Complete Original Piano Duets de Caroline Clemmow & Anthony Goldstone en Apple Music

B minor Intermezzo 4' 30" Eight Pieces, op. Capriccio in F-sharp minor 3' 30" Eight Pieces, op. Capriccio in B minor 3' 30" Two Rhapsodies, op. G minor 6' 30" Seven Fantasies, op. Intermezzo in A minor 3' 30" Seven Fantasies, op.

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Capriccio in G minor 3' Three Intermezzi, op. C-sharp minor 6' 30" Six Pieces, op. Intermezzo in A minor 2' Six Pieces, op. Intermezzo in F minor 2' 30" Four Pieces, op. Intermezzo in E minor 4' 30" Four Pieces, op. Intermezzo in C major 1' 30" Thema and Variations in D minor 11'. D-flat major 2' Impromptu no. C-sharp minor 3' 30" Three Mazurkas, op. B major 4' Three Mazurkas, op. C minor 5' 30" Three Mazurkas, op.

F-sharp minor 3' 30" Three Nocturnes, op. B major 6' 30" Three Nocturnes, op. F major 4' 30" Three Nocturnes, op. F-sharp major 3' 30" Two Nocturnes, op. C-sharp minor 5' Two Nocturnes, op. D-flat major 6' Two Nocturnes, op. A-flat major 5' Two Nocturnes, op. G major 5' 30" Two Nocturnes, op. E-flat major 5' Two Nocturnes, op. B major 6' 30" Two Nocturnes, op. E major 6' Two Polonaises, op. E-flat minor 8' 30" Two Polonaises, op. A major 5' Three Polonaises, op.

D minor 6' Three Polonaises, op. Menuetto: Allegretto 4' Grande Valse brillante in E-flat major, op. A-flat major 5' 30" Valse in A-flat major, op. Suite bergamasque 1. Mahler 9 Blomstedt Distinguished performance. I have long enjoyed the piano duets of Schubert, a form he excelled in throughout his life, with his earliest surviving work being the Fantasie D. I did have two or three of the original releases, which have disappeared over the years, borrowed and not returned, so it is good to have the chance to reacquaint myself with this wonderful set.

These are intelligently conceived and performed recitals, ones that bring the music Schubert to life. The first disc opens with the Polonaise in F D No. Here some might find the performance of Goldstone and Clemmow too brisk, compared with the of Eschenbach and Frantz CZS 2 , or the of Barenboim and Lupu download , but there is no doubting the sense of excitement in this performance, with the quicker tempo not overtly detracting from the music. That being said, I recently came across the performance by Andreas Staier and Alexander Melnikov on a copy of a Graff fortepiano HMM , the sound of which is a real eye-opener.

Here Goldstone has taken the sketches Schubert composed in , when he worked as a teacher for Count Esterhazy in Hungary, and woven them into a believable and accomplished work whilst completing the trio section. The fourth disc begins with the remarkably mature work that is the Fantasie D.

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This piece dates from , although it was not published, as his opus 30, until five years later; it is central to this concert with the other works seeming to radiate from it. This is also an incredibly mature work, a work that shows more than just promise, this is the work of a consummate composer, one who uses the piano to great effect. This is an entertaining work of great colour and imagination and a fitting one to conclude the set with. Schumann idolised Schubert and is said to have wept inconsolably when he heard of his death. These polonaises occupied the eighteen year old Schumann during August and September of and were composed in a style that was inspired by Schubert, the resulting eight polonaises only being published in They are strong works which, whilst showing the influence of Schubert, could only be by Schumann; that being said they do make a fitting set of encores for the discs and the set as a whole.

Franz Peter Schubert - Life and Music

My only other recording of these works is by Peter Frankl and Andras Schiff CD3X , which whilst it is a sparkling performance, the nearly forty year old Vox sound is beginning to show its age in comparison to this set. This is a most enjoyable set, one in which Goldstone and Clemmow seem to be totally in tune with each other, which results in excellence throughout the set.

The set comes with very good sound and a detailed 40 page booklet in English only , in which each work is gone in to in detail, this is based on their original notes for the Olympia releases.

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  5. Whilst editing these a few months ago for this release Anthony Goldstone sadly died, with this set marking his untimely passing as a fitting tribute and memorial to his name and his prowess as an editor and performer.