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Gillespie The 56th Evac. Eder, S. Hosnedl [Magazine] Scientific American. No 2 by Scientific American Vol. New frontiers by Chambers D. Piliouras Competition policies for an integrated world economy by Frederic M. Zanna Ed. Sundstrom Advances in Natural Language Procg. Vicedo, et. Shmyrov, et al. Nastasi, et al. Baym, C. Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology by J. Exton auth. Topological theory of dynamical systems: recent advances by N. Aoki, K. Complex networks: Structure, robustness and function by Cohen R.

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Mindham auth. Reviews of Physiology Biochemistry and Pharmacology by V. Di Marzo auth. Nabil A. Somerset Maugham Plato on the One.

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      Timan Computer algebra and differential equations: an overview by Seiler W. Der Ferienjob. Ein rabenschwarzer Sommer. Karydis Destroyers War. A million miles by the Eighth Flotilla by A. Hsu Pacific crucible: war at sea in the Pacific, by Ian W. Photonics Essentials. Ukraine after totalitarianism.

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