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Component 2 : Front page : Highlight 1. Farm Fresh Goodness Made Great We provide safe and nutritious fruit and vegetable products that are valued and enjoyed by families everywhere. Our Growers We have partnerships with over 2, farms and orchards. Node List : Grid : Front page. About Seneca Foods Discover how we make farm fresh goodness great at Seneca through our core values.

Production Capabilities Just as we have one foot in agriculture, the other foot is on the plant floor.

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Component 2 : Front page : Hightlight 2. Food Safety Learn how we meet the highest standards of safety through seven major quality systems. Kayla's Story Kayla was severely withdrawn; playing in a private world, most likely due to her extreme guilt over thinking her behavior forced her and her siblings to be removed from their home.

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With the constant care and support from the counselors and her therapist, she began trusting other people and forming positive relationships. Kayla and her siblings now live with a loving foster family and have frequent family visits with their birth parents. After many months of counseling, therapy, and support from Kinship staff, Deanna and her new parents are becoming a strong, healthy family.


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Reggie's Story Fifteen-year-old Reggie had been stealing cars, using marijuana, skipping school, and had a 0. His mother and grandmother were terrified he would end up in prison like his father. He attributes his fast turnaround to positive attention from his family, Seneca therapist, probation officer, and love of basketball. He placed in the top 10 in a recent competition. Joey also suffered from severe medical issues, including losing part of his sight as a young child. Once at Willow Rock, Joey began using a Braille typewriter and special educational materials with Seneca staff.

Jorge's Story At age 3, Jorge was abandoned and found wandering down a busy street at night. Jorge will talk only to the dog, which his therapist uses to help him express his feelings. Now Jorge is learning that the trust he saved just for the dog can safely expand to others.

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We are proud to have been given this award for three years in a row. Thank you to our amazing and caring staff members for making our agency a great place to work. Join our team and apply for a position today! No matter what capacity your work is, all employes are held to the same values: love, compassion, respect, curiosity, hope, courage and joy. This empowers me to work with families and children in the same way. I'm very fortunate to love my job and the agency I work for.

Caring, bright, thoughtful and passionate about their work, these professionals set the highest standards She began to express her feelings through art, music, and poetry and her mother attended weekly family sessions. Since then, Haley has earned her high school diploma and gone on to community college with the hopes of eventually attending a public university. We successfully adopted our son in and have had a baby girl placed with us recently.

Our experience has been wonderful, all of the social workers have been so dedicated and caring. Shawn's Story After spending most of his childhood away from his family, Shawn struggled with theft, drug use, violent behavior, and relating to others. These relationships helped him to finish high school and look towards college, where he hopes to study nursing, radiology, or auto mechanics. He eventually moved into a transitional apartment and now hosts his family for dinner. We appreciate everything and our Facilitator did a very good job! Learn more about our Building Blocks Therapeutic Preschool.

He rarely attended school and suffered from malnutrition when he was removed from his home and placed with a Kinship Center emergency foster care family, where he receives physical and emotional help.

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Angelica's Story Angelica, 16, was pregnant, frightened, and alone. Through Kinship, the baby boy was placed with a loving adoptive couple, who help him maintain some contact with Angelica.

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All we are doing is making sure they are given the same opportunities afforded to their peers, and just by us being present as bastions in their everyday lives at school, are being supportive and encouraging to every endeavor along their paths. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel in our hearts. We couldn't have done it without you! Seneca is full of believers and it makes all the difference. Denise's Story When Denise began therapy at Seneca, she was an unhappy, angry year-old and would get upset easily and lose control, exploding into yelling and physical aggression.

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Once she began working with Seneca staff, Denise quickly formed a positive relationship with her therapist and used therapy to share her feelings and experiences. She started taking responsibility for her behavior and working toward positive changes.


Today, she is a confident, happy, hard-working young woman who is thriving at school, at home, and in her extracurricular activities. I was hooked before I even arrived for the interview, yet nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience as I became steeped in the same values that I wanted to emulate not only as a social worker, but more importantly as a person.

I just want to say thank you for everything. You all helped me so much. Give Back.

Kimberly's Story When their mother was arrested for drugs, Kimberly and her three brothers were taken into custody. To keep the children from heading into foster care, their year-old grandmother stepped forward, but with a limited income she could not care for four troubled teenagers. She listens and genuinely cares about my child. Between her and my child's teacher, we make a great team!

I appreciate the team effort. Brooke's Story Brooke was abandoned by her birth parents when she was born with a rare genetic condition that would typically require permanent hospitalization. Her foster are working with Seneca professionals and a health-care team so that however long her life is, Brooke can spend it at home in the arms of a loving family rather than in an institution. Counselors helped Serena express her feelings without resorting to extreme words and actions.

Discover what Unconditional Care means to us in this short video. Learn more about Unconditional Care.